With the increase in mask production capacity, the dilemma of “a mask is hard to find” is being eased. However, under the tide of resumption of work, another epidemic prevention material has become a “highly sought-after”. The forehead temperature gun, which was originally less than one hundred yuan, is now “one price a day”, rising to four or five hundred yuan or even higher. Due to the epidemic situation, the frontal temperature gun is also inseparable from the important role of plastic. What are the main raw materials of the frontal temperature gun?

The plastic materials used in the front temperature gun equipment are PC/ABS or ABS body, infrared transparent PMMA lens, etc.

Infrared body temperature detectors play an important role in screening suspected patients in public places. Among them, the handheld infrared body temperature detector such as the frontal temperature gun is more flexible than the automatic infrared body temperature detector in application scenarios, and the demand is also greater. There are more than ten types of plastic parts on the front temperature gun. We have designed material solutions for the most important plastic parts: the body shell and the infrared transparent lens.

The ABS plastic material of Qingdao Zhongxin Huamei’s temperature gun body shell has high fluidity, good toughness, flame retardant, dimensional stability and good creep resistance. It is suitable for electroplating treatment materials and has excellent processability. The infrared transparent lens material has good optical properties, good chemical stability, and can transmit infrared radiation in the desired wavelength band.

The frontal temperature gun can avoid cross-infection and the temperature measurement is fast, so it is particularly suitable for screening people with fever symptoms in places with large flow of people. It is safe and rapid. During the “epidemic” war, the “Ear Warm Gun” became a basic line of defense to protect us. I hope everyone will actively cooperate with the measurement of body temperature and epidemic prevention and control, and pay tribute to the medical staff and community workers holding the “Ear Warm Gun”!

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