Multi-parameter Water Quality Monitor

Multi-parameter Water Quality Monitor



– Six-in-one Meter: EC, CF, TDS, pH, °C, °F
– Large, triple level LCD display
– Easy calibration of pH and TDS with just a mini-screwdriver
– Automatic Temperature Compensation (without this, pH reading will differ as the temperature varies)
– Convertible temperature readout in degree Centigrade and degree Fahrenheit, quick and easy to get your wanted result
– Caps on both sides for storage and protection of electrodes
– Suction cups to attach the electrodes onto the inwall of the vessel, tank, reservoir, etc.
– CE Certificated; to offer safer and precise measurement





Range: pH:0.00〜14.00pH

Temperature: 0℃〜50℃

EC:  0.00~19.99EC

CF:  0.0~199.9CF

TDS: 10~9990ppm
Resolution: pH: 0.01pH


EC: 0.01EC

CF: 0.1CF

TDS: 10ppm

Accuracy:  pH  ±0.1pH

Temperature  ±1.0℃

Power supply:  DC  6V (Power adapter usable)
Temperature compensation: 0℃〜50℃
Working temperature: 0℃〜50℃
Size: 152mm×80mm×26mm



Packing list:

– 1x Packaging Plastic Box
– 1x Mainframe
– 1x EC/CF/PPM Electrode
– 1x Temperature Electrode
– 1x PH Electrode
– 1x AC-DC Adaptor
– 1x Mini Screwdriver
– 1x Hook
– 1x Manual
– 2x Suction Cups


Apply in water sources, soil-free growing, aquarium, hydroponics, laboratory, spas, swimming pools and other water systems.


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