Handheld Antifreeze Battery Cleaning Fluid Refractometer

Handheld Antifreeze Battery Cleaning Fluid Refractometer

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The Celsius unit system, which is built-in to the Coolant Refractometer, helps by testing the acid concentration of your car’s fluids like antifreeze, cleaning fluids and fluids in the battery.

This handy Coolant Refractometer is designed to measure the windshield cleaning fluid’s freezing point. Compared to other gauges, our trusty item comes with four scales that can help you accurately pinpoint freezing points. Our Coolant Refractometer also helps by pinpointing the exact temperatures, in Celsius, that liquids like Propylene glycol, Ethylene glycol and other cleaning fluids freeze at. The best news is that our product takes all the tough guesswork out of knowing.

Check the strength of a battery’s electrolyte solution in units of Specific Gravity (sg). The Coolant Refractometer will tell you in sg’s what the ratio of a given solid or liquid’s density is compared to water’s density at a specific pressure or temperature. Our item also comes with the Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC). The refractometer adjusts to any temperature discrepancies that occur in the environment.


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