Alcoholmeter 0-200 Proof & 0-100 Tralle Homebrew Moonshine distilling

Alcoholmeter 0-200 Proof & 0-100 Tralle Homebrew Moonshine distilling

  • Proof & tralle hydrometer/alcoholmeter – proof scale 0-200, tralle scale 0-100
  • Comes packaged in a protective hard plastic case
  • Easy to use, just float the hydrometer in your spirits – used to measure alcohol content in distilled spirits
  • This hydrometer is not for beer and wine making
  • We guarantee that our products will arrive undamaged and free of defects – covered under our 90 day hassle free replacement warranty


A Proof and Tralle hydrometer directly measures the alcohol content of distilled alcohol or spirits with a specific gravity less than 1.000.
It is unlike standard beer and wine hydrometers because it is calibrated to give a direct reading of actual alcohol content and not the density of the liquid.
It is calibrated to give accurate readings at 20C and includes a chart that provides the adjustments needed when using it at different temperatures.
To use the hydrometer, simply fill a test tube with the liquid sample.
The plastic storage container that the hydrometer is supplied with can also be used as the testing container however a test tube with a wide base provides additional benefits.

1x Hydrometer
1x Glass cylinder

Item Specifications
Material 3.3 Borosilicate glass
Color Transparent
Proof Scale 0 – 200, (2 Point Resolution)
Tralle Scale 0 – 100% (1% Resolution)
Temperature Calibration 20℃
Glass cylinder Total Height *Diameter 31*4.7cm (customization available)
Glass cylinder Bottom Diameter 7cm (customization available)
Hydrometer length 25CM
Brand Unbranded/Generic


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