Car Adblue Antifreeze Refractometer

Car Adblue Antifreeze Refractometer



Due to a significant boost in need to check Adblue’s concentrations of urea, the new Adblue Refractometer is a much-needed item to consider purchasing. The Adblue Refractometer is a convenient handheld device that helps you measure the ethylene glycol and/or propylene glycol’s freezing thresholds in cooling systems. Measure the freezing threshold of cleaning fluid or the densities of an electrolyte in batteries with the Adblue Refractometer.

Use a clear viewfinder to read the results of the graph. With the Adblue Refractometer, you can perform measurements in settings with artificial light or natural daylight.

The continually increasing price of urea has driven the operating costs of an SCR quite high. Because of this situation, diluted Adblue solutions have emerged on the market, which is a big concern for consumers.

While automotive urea solutions that have 31.8 percent urea are not allowed to be labeled as Adblue, you can be certain that you have the original with the Adblue Refractometer. Those who have been scammed by those who are selling these weaker concentrations of automotive urea solutions on the market may not receive compensation that protects consumers under legislation like the Trades Description Act.

The good news is that the Adblue Refractometer is an item that can protect you from buying something other than the true Adblue solution. And the Adblue Refractometer is easy to use; With just a drop or two of your automotive urea solution on the prism unit, use the optical eyepiece to get those important readings to verify the values.


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