Solid densitometer is a general term for the measurement of solid matter density. It adopts Archimedes principle buoyancy method to make solid densitometer series products. The measurement steps are similar, but the quality of the products will be different


A solid density meter MZ-A300


1 Prepare the solid sample to be tested and place it on the measuring table of mZ-A300 solid densitometer. After the mass is stable, press ENTER to remember the weight in the air

  1. Put the sample into the measuring table in water, and press the button to display the density result directly after the quality is stable

Second, the measurement characteristics of solid density meter MZ-A300

It is designed according to Archimedes’ principle and is the most commonly used measurement method for density of solid materials in the world. It is mainly used for density measurement of solid materials in various industries.

New upgrade and optimization products, hardware and software have been improved, will not crash.

The sensor is imported from Germany and has the function of horizontal and vertical overload protection.

The solid density measurement is not limited by the product form, block, particle, floating body, powder, foaming body, film, pasteā€¦
Can be tested

Three, solid densitometer use method

Material with density > 1, < 1, or =1 can be tested. Percentage of volume content can be tested.

With waterproof, dustproof, anti – static and other protective body, to ensure the test stability.

Multi-function measuring table, can be decomposed freely, can adapt to different places of rapid test requirements.

Multiple parameters can be set: water temperature setting, density setting of measuring medium, density setting of main material and secondary material

Four, matters needing attention

Precision instrument, handle with care when measuring

Cannot exceed range test

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