Agarwood is a combination of heaven and earth spirit and essence of sun and moon, with elegant and mild fragrance. There are many agarwood producing areas, and each agarwood has its own characteristics. In addition, the aroma of agarwood from the same producing area is different from each other.

So as a novice how to get started to understand agarwood?

Novice entry agarwood the most correct way is to incense, conditional word suggests articles for incense burner to taste incense.

Agarwood has been used for incense since ancient times, and now it is popular to play with hand strings. Therefore, how to learn agarwood is discussed in this paper, so as to lay a good foundation for choosing agarwood hand strings.


A new fragrance is a must

Agarwood, like tea, are similar but different in many ways, similar in shape but different in spirit, and different in flavor but different in rhyme. For example, cultivated and wild agarwood are similar in their original flavor, but their mellow degree, explosive power and penetrating power cannot be compared at all.

If you don’t have enough material, it is easy to look, once met some new friends, bought is three or four line region, he also feel very good, and then looking for similar taste, then I suggest he go incense incense, incense he had several production areas, he finally realized that I said, the aroma of senior didn’t know I used to be informed.

As a new player, to taste the numerous agarwood specimens, just know the main area of agarwood flavor, will not be virtual high area.

As a novice only taste good incense, can improve your incense.

Incense is not just a way for beginners to increase their knowledge, long-term incense can improve your sensitivity to fragrance, just like the tea ceremony, only more tea, just know more appreciation.

Then what are the indicators of agarwood appreciation and how to appreciate them can be seen in the following aspects:

How to deeply taste agarwood hand string?


Old friends have advanced

With the exhaustion of the resources in the top production areas, it is very difficult to buy wild Agarwood strings in Nha Zhuang Hainan, and it is very difficult to buy them without heavy money.

Special grade Huian system solid aniseed is very little, but currently on the market is extremely much hainan agarwood hand string, most of them are artificial planting incense or other areas pretend.

At present, the online purchase of premium production areas can only find small incense materials, but as a fan of incense, how can miss the fragrance of special production areas?

The fragrance of special grade producing area is very graceful and graceful.

And as old player, can look for the fumigation spice of a few special class producing area, improve oneself savour, also can happy feeling raises sex.

Only by smelling better can you continuously improve your taste.


How to incense it?

The most recommended incense burner is the product incense burner, which is equivalent to the fire separation incense burner in the incense path. However, the current electronic incense burner can accurately control the temperature, so that we can have a deeper understanding of the front, middle and back flavors of this incense at different temperatures.

The price of incense burner is relatively high, roughly in the hundreds to one or two thousand, due to the strong temperature control, used for the incense smoke more energy-saving materials.

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