Everyone is no stranger to winemaking, but do you know the steps of winemaking?

  1. Buy grapes: When buying grapes, you can choose some ripe grapes, even the scattered grapes. These grapes are easy to ferment, and the price is relatively low. Common grapes, raisins, horse milk, etc. can all be used to make wine.
  2. Washing the grapes: because the grape skin is likely to contain pesticides, the process of washing the grapes is very important. It can be washed one by one, and then washed repeatedly with tap water, and at the same time, the rotten grapes are removed. Some people who love cleanliness like to peel the grapes to make wine, which is not bad, but it lacks some of the unique nutrients of grape skins.
  3. Dry the grapes: Put the grapes in a leaky container, and add sugar when there are no water drops on the surface of the grapes.
  4. Choose a container: The wine jar can be a ceramic jar or a glass bottle, but plastic containers are not recommended, because plastics are likely to chemically react with alcohol and produce some toxic substances that endanger human health.
  5. Pinch the grapes and put them in the container: After washing your hands, pour the sugar into the grapes and pinch the grapes with your hands. The operation method is to grab a handful of grapes and squeeze the grapes. Then put it in the wine jar (the bottle used for soaking medicinal wine will also work). The ratio of grapes to sugar is 10:3, that is, 10 catties of grapes put 3 catties of sugar (friends who don’t like sweets can put 2 catties of sugar, but sugar must be added, because sugar is an important factor in grape fermentation).
  6. Sealed and preserved: Seal the wine jar, if it is a ceramic jar, you can go to the small shop where you bought rice wine to order the mashed wine, paste and seal it after adding water. If it is a wine bottle for soaking medicinal wine, please close the bottle cap tightly, and then put a plastic film on the bottle cap. After sealing, the wine jar (bottle) should be stored in a cool place. Do not flip or open the lid at will.
  7. Unsealing: When it is hot, it takes about 20 days to a month for grapes to ferment. Now, to make wine in this season, it takes about 40 days to ferment. After unsealing, filter the floating grape skins with two layers of gauze, and you can drink the wine directly. Note that if you like to drink more vigorously, just delay the opening time. After unsealing, do not forget to close the lid of the wine jar every time you scoop out the wine to prevent the wine from volatile.

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